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Renovation, Rejuvenation, and What Counts

An Online Journal / Diary


Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Settling In and Just Writing

 This the last day after having two weeks off and even though I didn't go anywhere exotic, it was a much needed rest time.

Naturally, I didn't get everything done I intended to get done, but what the heck, I did manage to get this website tweaked to more of how I wanted it to appear to all of you out there in Webbyland.

I love putting up a website. It can be terribly frustrating, yet what a challenge, especially when you're not one of those computer genius types.

I remember when I first bought a computer. I'd work all day at the grocery store and then work all night trying to figure simply how to run the damn mystery box without it crashing on me every five minutes. I remember trying to create a document and then trying to figure how to save it before those five minutes were up, and my dear ol' computer dumps it in the 'lost forever' heap of Willie Ray's ill-fated efforts, wherever the hell that is.

I can remember trying to learn how to email something off, and actually have it reach its destination. I can remember then actively seeking out friends and strangers email addresses, so I could rush home and make contact with them on my computer. And then when they wrote back, oh, I was in Webbyland heaven.

All this eventually led up to where I am now here at my third home on the Internet. Let's see, I think I have everything put in place. My gallery is now open and showing some of my original art pieces, although I still have plenty to scan and electronically mount. All my links seem to work. I've created some different templates I can write on depending on my mood. I belong to a few web rings (and plan to join a few more later on.) My notify list is intact (and growing!) And I've written and uploaded several new diary/journal entries.

So this must mean I am now back in the swing of things as an online diarist.

Willie Ray's new Internet home is built. I need to realize this, let myself settle in, and go about my business of living day to day.

And then write about it. And post it here.

On that note I'll end this entry and start afresh with a new page at a different sitting will the intention of doing nothing but consistent writing for the next five entries or so.

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