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Renovation, Rejuvenation, and What Counts

An Online Journal / Diary


Entry Archive

May 27, 2001-Looking for Goodness

May 22, 2001-Willie Ray, Proud Home Owner

May 16, 2001-Off Goes My Whiskers, and Off Goes My Good Friend, Kirk

May 15, 2001-Settling In and Just Writing

May 9, 2001-"I Want My Mummy!"/Railroad Park and a Creek called Lotty Lynn Marie/A Late Evening With Mummy

May 6, 2001-Those Stupid Broken Links and That Stupid, STUPID Java Coding!

May 3, 2001-Dinner at Dots

April 24, 2001-More Ant Battles and 'Dodging Thunderbolts'

April 23, 2001-A Much Needed Visit with my Mother

April 16, 2001-Web Space 3 and Piss Ants


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