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Renovation, Rejuvenation, and What Counts

An Online Journal / Diary



Willie Ray: yep, that's me; a grocery journeyman with an interest in the arts and what the world has to offer.

Sonny: Willie Ray's son, currently living at a Job Corp site.

Dot: Willie Ray's daughter, a college student.

Jon: Sonny and Dot's half brother from my ex-wife's first marriage.

Ethan: my daughter's boyfriend.

Exy: Willie Ray's ex-wife.

Mom: one of two who helped create yours truly.

Clyde: my mom's second husband. They've been together since I was about the age of eleven.

Lotty: One of Willie Ray's best female friends. Lotty is a florist who does her business out of her home.

Lynn Marie: The other best female friend of Willie Ray. Lynn Marie is an artist who works in the local county print shop and teaches a journaling class.

Ben: a good friend and fellow musician. Ben plays the congas and is in my band, Dodging Thunderbolts.

Mason: landscape artist of Dutch descent. Near the end of 1999 he became Lotty's boyfriend. Later in the year 2000 there was a bitter breakup.

Duke: Willie Ray's best male friend. Duke is a film grip who does a lot of work on television and movie sets in other states.

Judy: yet another friend, although I rarely see her anymore. Judy works as a nurse and she's also known as Duke's wife.

(More listings to follow as I add more and more journal entries.)

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