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Renovation, Rejuvenation, and What Counts

An Online Journal / Diary


Places in My Life:

 Rainville: The city that I, Willie Ray, live in.

Greenandlush: Rainville is located in this state in the United States of America.

Creekview Trailer: My home.

Big City: It's located about thirty miles from Rainville.

Littletown: it's located about twenty miles from Rainville. My mother and step-dad live there at least six months out of the year.

Grisham: a city located about twenty miles from Rainville, with a much larger population. The state capitol.

Lumbata: Rainville's Community College. A branch of the college likewise exists in Grisham

Seb's Café: Gourmet restaurant famous throughout Greenandlush. Lotty's floral business provides the flowers for the restaurant tables.

Street Rocks: A coffee shop in Rainville.

Jeremy's Wine Pub: Located in downtown Rainville.

Finnegan's Green and Lush Hotel: The tallest building in Rainville recently renovated. I love this place! A great place to eat, with wonderful rooms to stay in. The hotel boasts five bars including one in the cellar and one on the rooftop. Best of all, the hotel is decorated throughout with all this outrageously funky, yet superb art.

Mary's Restaurant: A favorite sit-down of mine where I can go eat family-style food. And if I tip big, the waitresses are tolerant of my rowdy kids and their rowdy friends.


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