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Renovation, Rejuvenation, and What Counts

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 Last night I had all these big plans for after my shift at the store ended involving more yard work and more fixing up of Creekview Trailer.

First I did some grocery shopping and in the midst of that I found some plates, tumblers, and canisters and a 99 outside flower to splurge my hard-to-find cash on.

I was tired when I arrived at home. Sonny must have been tired too for my son was dead asleep on the couch. Our place was hot like a furnace what with all the beautiful weather Rainville has been experiencing lately. I quickly opened some windows and turned on the swamp cooler. I then put away the groceries and my new dishes and canisters, and changed into some shorts and a t-shirt.

Sonny was up and eating cold cereal by the time I had checked my email. He was watching my Simpsons tape Lynn Marie had recorded for me when I walked through the living room area and out the front door. This week there wasn't just one Simpson's half-hour shows. There was three! I got home late last night from band practice at Lynn Marie's, and so I only watched only one of the half-hours before drifting off to sleep. As I went outside I told Sonny to call out to me when he was through watching the half hour I had already enjoyed and I'd watch the rest with him.


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